WordPress Development Company

Ever heard of magic, WordPress is the wonder tool. You will be surprised to find how many elements it has and how they can help you reach your goals. Thinking of building a website or a blog, you have to hail this application. Okay, what connects all of us together is; Etavonni Tech Ltd. that can design you amazing websites and blogs that are considered more than perfect for your line of work. We have tailor made solutions for all niches and businesses. What are waiting for?

Benefits of using WordPress

As far as advantages of WordPress are concerned, we must tell you that search engines simply love this application. Yes, they crawl and index this application pretty fast in comparison to others. It is tried and tested, so you will not have to worry too much about this. Of course, there is more to this and they are as follows:

  • This is a super easy to use application that make updating an effortless task
  • You can log in from anywhere and manage your work on this platform from any computer, as it is browser based
  • This is a 100% customisable web application that you can design according to your own wish
  • You are full control of your site and you can make changes any time you want
  • It comes with hoard of plug-ins that make it worth your time and effort

What do we offer?

Etavonni is proud to be associated with this popular app and you will soon know what all we do to keep you ahead of the curve. Following is a list of what we have on offer for you:

  • We custom develop your WordPress based website for you
  • We can even help you migrate to WP from other applications
  • There is no need mention it that we aid you installing and configuring WP as well
  • If you are looking for a unique look for your website, then we can even design you custom template
  • Want your theme to be developed exclusively, we can do that
  • We can also provide you with bespoke plug-ins
  • Expect to design a responsive website for your business
  • Last, but not the least, we also provide for maintenance and support for WordPress

How we help?

We offer you with spam resistance software; supply you with more effective plug-ins, maintaining multimedia and content with efficiency. Again, our resourceful teams take different responsibilities to facilitate you with different services. For example, our team of designers will guide you with what trends are current in your industry and customer service team takes care of your queries.

So, by now you know everything about WordPress and we recommend you to use it once to notice the difference it can make to your business. There is nothing better that you can think of over this captivating application when it comes to web designing. Want to know more?

Then do give us a call at +44 77343 26515 or drop us a line at info@etavonni.co.uk for more.