Shopify Development

Etavonni Tech Ltd. is a like a web artisan that you may want to know more about. We provide you with all kinds of web development services and we are a centre of excellence for Shopify site development as well. The online retail industry is estimated to be a billion dollar business and everyone wants a share of it. If you are a budding entrepreneur, then we suggest you take a look at this in details.

What are the advantages of Shopify?

There are many reasons for why people should go for Shopify because it is an ideal platform for start-ups and is equally resourceful for matured companies as well. It has a barrage of solutions to offer and you will be surprised to know about the benefits of using Shopify. Below mentioned are some of the rewards that this application brings with it:

  • It is an affordable as the monthly costs are really low
  • It has all the marketing tools that you may need that include SEO packages as well
  • Shopify is a secured platform and you will get upgrades on timely basis and this keeps it hacker safe
  • You will not have to worry about hosting services anymore as Shopify maintains your servers and it pays for your hosting
  • Themes are aesthetically pleasing and you can opt for more customization

Why Etavonni?

Etavonni is a London based web development company in the UK that operates from Manchester and Liverpool. Our team of developers, designers and marketers work in close proximity. Together they create something that will be very functional for your business. You can count on some more for this, like:

  • Our passionate and experienced teams work out bespoke designs for your website
  • Our services are nothing short of quality and they in sync with the current trends of your line of work
  • This includes digital strategy to sell our products and services also
  • We have a super supportive customer service team that runs 24/7 to take care of you
  • We provide you lifetime of maintenance that sweetens the deal for you
  • Expect to get regular reports from us, as we know this will keep you updated
  • This makes the whole deal transparent from our end

We have built brands and we look forward to do the same for your business as well. We provide for digital solutions to you like no one else will. We are dedicated to this for years and this is how we stay afloat. We keep ourselves updated with the latest requirements, as that helps us to remain ahead of the curve.

In case, you have some more queries, then do get back to us at +44 77343 26515 or drop us a line at for more.