HTML5/CSS3 Development

Times have changed and most businesses need an online presence these days. If you are a business owner, then you are no exception to this rule. Now, the question comes as to how to attract visitors to your site. This could be done only by designing beautiful and aesthetic website with meaningful content. We, at Etavonni Tech Ltd. are well known for designing sites with such élan. We use advanced technology like that of HTML5 / CSS3 to accomplish this task that in turn will help you reach your goals.

What is HTML5/CSS3?

HTML5 – It is the latest version of HTML which is a language that helps to showcase in multiple devices and platforms. That is correct, with so many browsers and devices like smartphone, tablet, computers and consoles; you need to be assured that your business reaches a wider audience. This language ensures that your website remains interactive and unique in its own way.

CSS3 – This is yet another markup language that represents semantics and lays down your content into what is known as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). In short, it takes care of the border, tone, size, color background, box shadows and a lot more. In a way, it must be added that the CSS3 allows developers and designers with the designing leverage.

Benefits of HTML5/CSS3  

Talking about benefits of making use of this technology, one has to be honest about how these two elements can influence the designing of a site. You cannot imagine a website without them and it is practically impossible to create even a small blog without implementing these two rudiments. By now, you know how important they are; so let us discuss more about the advantages of these two essentials to make it comprehensible.

  • Attractive website – Hands down, the combination of these two constituents make your website look pretty. First impression is it takes to build or destroy a business. An eye-catching website will catch the attention of your target audience in an opportune way.
  • Ranking – Like any other business, if you are thinking about ranking, then readable codes are the key to your high indexing by search engine bots. This is will draw your audiences to your site in refined way. Let us remind you that Etavonni is quite capable of handling all this for you.
  • Browse offline – That is correct; your audiences can browse offline because of these two components. Both HTML5 and CSS3 ensure that your website code gets stored on a device via offline cache. In addition to all this, this cache then makes sure that our site gets loaded faster and your customers can browse your site in offline mode too.
  • Plug-ins – Yes, both HTML5 and CSS3 support third party plug-ins, which is a must for some websites. In fact, some webmasters make use of plug-ins to assure smooth performance of their website.
  • More control – Using this technology means you are in control of your theme. This means you will not have to use separate codes for colours or alignment, as this will done by a single template.

Why Etavonni?

There is no one answer to this, as we are a very proficient team when it comes to HTML5/CSS3. All you need is to trust us and our experience to help you build your dream. Your site could be an idea to you, watch us draw it on the digital canvas to make it real for you. Plus, we have a professional team in place that will cater to your service as per your requirement and also:

  • Deliver your project on time
  • Keep you informed about progress with timely reports
  • Offer you quality work
  • We pledge to design an innovative and responsive site for you

You can reach us any time by calling on us at (+44) 77343 26515.

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