AngularJS Development Services in London

Etavonni Tech Ltd. is a professional and certified AngularJS web and mobile application development company that is based in London and also serving the areas like Liverpool and Manchester. We are acclaimed to providing right solutions depending on AngularJS web development framework. With this open source web development framework, we make the website building environment more readable, expressive and fast to build.

Reach the Crest of Success with AngularJS Development

At Etavonni, we believe in making your dreams. With our reliable AngularJS development services, we will give your idea a finishing touch to create a comprehensive roadmap, helping you understand our tasks and letting you know about each stage in between.

Being a potent AngularJS development organization, we are completely aware of the full stack of JS technologies. Hence, we use our prime expertise of development and programming to offer you dependable AngularJS development services, developing properly structured AngularJS mobile or web apps for large, medium and small-scale enterprises. Furthermore, apps built using this open source app development framework has a user-friendly interface which helps users maximize their business growth.

Why Do Companies Choose AngularJS Development Services?

AngularJS is considered as an open-source web app development framework that offers highly secure and scalable app building. It’s an easy learning platform which is completely suitable for front-end AngularJS mobile app and single page AngularJS app building. Because of it’s easy to understand and improved performance, it helps a developer build exceedingly scalable yet simple apps including advanced features serving all the sophisticated business requirements. Moreover, this app building framework offers clean written codes which can be used again for developing data-driven web apps which have similar functionalities. This is why companies choose this platform for accomplishing state-of-the-art and feature-rich web apps.

Prime Features of AngularJS Framework

  1. Directives – They maximize the HTML vocabulary like the HTML components have new attributes and behaviours.
  2. Modules – They divide your web app into functional, small, and usable elements that can be combined with other web apps.
  3. Expressions – They assist filters for formatting data prior to showcasing it.
  4. Templates – They are utilized for displaying data from the controller and the model.
  5. Scope – It plays the role of a context for measuring expressions and a glue between view and the controller.
  6. Data Binding – It saves you from writing massive amounts of boilerplate codes.
  7. Validation – It helps you build a modern HTML5 type that is responsive and quite interactive also.
  8. MVC (Model, View, and Controller) – AngularJS is considered as an MVC framework which applies MVC pattern for separating data and logic elements and presentation.
  • The view presents the model’s information to the end user.
  • The model represents the information utilized by your application.
  • The behaviour of your application is defined by the controller. And it connects the right views with the right models.
  1. Services – They are considered as the reusable objects which share the code across an app.
  2. Filters – They are utilized for formatting data prior to showcasing it to a user.
  3. Testing – AngularJS boasts this inbuilt feature. Therefore, it becomes simple for you while testing your apps.
  4. Routing – This feature helps you divide your application into different views and connect multiple views with controllers.
  5. $http Service – This is an in-built service featured by AngularJS framework.

Why Choose Etavonni for AngularJS Solutions?

Being a prominent AngularJS development firm, we are dedicated to offering feature-packed, powerful and the best web apps in accordance with your particular business requirements. We have an expert team of web developers to manage your upcoming project.

Take a glance at the reasons why you should choose us as your AngularJS development partner:

  • Skill in utilizing numerous server-side technologies
  • Cross-platform mobile apps building
  • On-time project delivery
  • Real-time apps for faster development
  • Assured quality
  • Pocket-friendly solutions
  • Transparent processes
  • Agile-friendly and dynamic development
  • AngularJS development for different device compatible sites
  • Following international coding standards

Hire Us for Your AngularJS App Development Project

To commence the AngularJS building procedure, you simply need to discuss your needs with our committed project managers and they are prepared to offer you the right AngularJS solution which is cost-effective for you. Our skilled website developers can proficiently manage every feature of AngularJS to develop your preferred solution. The developers have many years of experience in the same field and they precisely know how to offer you high-quality and customized AngularJS solutions.

Do You Have Any Query?

If you are willing to make a deal with us, feel free to contact us for you forthcoming AngularJS project. We will be glad to work on your dream assignment and are ready to offer it a genuine shape with the use of powerful features of AngularJS.

To know more about our AngularJS solutions, drop us an email at or you can give us a ring at (+44) 77343 26515.