CodeIgniter Development

Etavonni Tech Ltd. is a London, UK based web development provider that is proud to be associated with CodeIgniter website developments services. We know the need for creating lightweight websites that include data encryption, comprehensive page caching and pagination then CodeIgniter development is what you should be looking for. It works on PHP frameworks and leaves lesser footprints that make it resourceful. If you want to know more about it, then, we have all the resolve that you may need to be answered.

Benefits of CodeIgniter web application

You may have already got a hint of what this application can do, but once you implement in your business, you will know its significance. As of now we can help you understand it in a more thorough way and this discussion will clarify its far-reaching consequences. Here are a few of the advantages of CodeIgniter that you may need to be aware of:

  • The first thing that we need to talk about is the ease of installation
  • A CodeIgniter developer knows how secured this application is
  • You can migrate data seamlessly across your servers
  • Moreover, you can quite easily detect errors, if any, in this software
  • This means, it help you to write and valid codes in one line
  • It is an extremely user friendly platform that you can ever come across

What does Etavonni offer?

When it comes to hiring the services of an Agency or a Company in manchester or Liverpool, we are the first name that occurs to anyone. We have built this trust with our hard work and expertise. We understand our business and then build website of applications (as per your requirements) founded on that. We offer you with:

  • We provide you a dedicated team of CodeIgniter development
  • We comply with best code standards and there are no doubts about it
  • You can customize your web application development and web development
  • Our services are priced competitively

Advantages of Etavonni

If you are still thinking whether to Hire CodeIgniter developer, then you must read through this section with attention. We not only provide you with quality work but also with a promise to deliver on time. This is our specialty and you need to try us in order to know us. Besides, here are a few more benefits of Etavonni that come for free while working with us:

  • We offer full cycle development of CodeIgniter
  • Our dedicated team of specialists present you with all kinds of solutions
  • The 24/7 customer support Service makes it a unique experience for you
  • Careful engineering of CodeIgniter and MySQL
  • We even provide for CMS development
  • Offering integration services with the package is a stipulation
  • You can expect a lifelong CodeIgniter support and maintenance
  • We work with 100% transparency
  • This is why we keep you updated with timely reports


In case, you want to know more about us, then do give us a call at +44 77343 26515 or drop us a line at for more.